The Strategic Roadmap for National Healing, Peacebuilding, and Reconciliation, in enhancing  coherency and coordination among stakeholders in the peacebuilding and reconciliation process, defines the scope of the Palava Hut project in the following thematic areas:

  1. Palava hut process of addressing past wrong – to provide a forum for justice and accountability through community dialogue thereby healing past wound and promoting peacebuilding.
  2. Memorialization – Honoring the memory of those victimized by the war by erecting memorials in counties, on selected sites where massacres were carried out and victims buried in mass graves.
  3. Reparation – Addressing the needs of persons made disabled by the war or affected communities through individual or communities compensation, psychosocial support or other forms of assistance.
  4. Diaspora and Reconciliation – Promote dialogue with and among Liberians living outside of the    country for peaceful coexistence among themselves and Liberians at home and collective efforts in national rebuilding.

The Palava Hut project has five expected outputs:

  1. INCHR capacity strengthened to lead and coordinate the National Palava Hut Programme.
  2. Studies conducted and Palava Hut methodology and operational guidelines developed
  3. Nationwide outreach conducted on the Palava Hut Programme
  4. Palava Hut process piloted in 2 communities
  5. Two (2) regional memorials constructed in hard hit war affected communities


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