The Palava Hut project is the Program Management Unit (PMU) of the INCHR.  Established in 2013 with funding from the United Nations Peacebuilding Office, the project oversees implementation of the National Palava Hut Program. Consistent operational mandate, the Palava Hut project employs Community–Based Truth Telling, Atonement & Psychosocial Recovery as a means of accountability, justice and national healing and a the implementation framework. Reporting directly to the reporting line Chairperson of the INCHR, the Palava Hut Project works to accelerate national reconciliation while at the sometime, strengthening INCHR institutional capacity. Under the oversight of the direct oversight the INCHR Chairperson, the Project Management Unit implements the Palava Hut Program. Actions plan of the Palava Hut Program are designed and implemented in collaboration Civil Society, National Traditional Council, Inter Religious Council, and youth and women groups, with support from UNMIL and UNDP and the Peacebuilding office.

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