• Conducted awareness in Grand Lofa, Bong, Bassa, Margibi and Montserrado Counties on clarification of the mandate of the INCHR relative to implementation of TRC recommendation. The forums highlighted progress in implementation of the TRC recommendations and responsible institutions.  It also solicited of participants and public for the INCHR in ensuring full implementation of the TRC recommendations.
• Three PMU staff acquired training in Conflict study and Peacebuiding at the Summer Peace Program, Eastern Mennonite University, USA; while one   and four Secretariat staff benefitted from training in the fields of Monitoring & Evaluation, Human Resource Management, Internal Audit Control, Project Planning, and Procurement from the Liberia Institute of Public Administration.
• Three PMU staff attended Monitoring and Evaluation training in Gbarnga for PBSO supported partners.
• Provided technical support for INCHR institutional capacity assessmenional local , and internal consultants lead the exercise which included review of the INCHR operating system and procedures and subsequent development of SOPs, including  administrative guidelines and procedures, Human Resource and Financial handbooks.
• Conducted Ethnographic forums in four linguistic regions (Zwedru, Gbarnga, Tubmanburg and Brewerville) for the four linguistics groups of Liberis - KWA, Mande, Mel and Settlers. The forums identified similarities and dissimilarities and other useful perspectives from participants on the traditional Palava Hut processes.  Outcome of the forums will informs  development of context specific methodology and guidelines for the National Palava Hut. 92 participants (65% male, 35% female) attended the forums,. A validation session of the results of the forum and methodology and guidelines is expected to be held shortly.
• Finalized plans for construction the Duport Road Memorial, one of two national memorials to be constructed in honor of individuals massacred and buried in mass graves during the Liberian civil war.
• Provides technical and logistical support to enhance INCHR service delivery.

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