The Budget Performance report has been prepared in accordance with the provisions of the Public Financial Management Act, 2009 and in compliance with the Cash Basis International Public Sector Accounting Standard (Cash Basis IPSAS).

In accordance with the provisions of the Public Financial Management Act, 2009, the administration is responsible for the control of and accounting for funds controlled by the Independent National Commission on Human Rights.

Accordingly, we are pleased to submit the required budget performance report in compliance with section 3.6 of the Public Financial Management Manual of 2013. we have provided, and will continue to provide all the information and explanations as may be required in connection with the budget performance report.

Basis of Preparation

The measurement basis applied is the historical cost basis, except where otherwise stated in the accounting policies below. The accounting policies applied have been consistently applied throughout the preparation process.

Accounting Policies

These are the specific principles, bases, conventions, rules and practices adopted by the government of the Republic of Liberia in preparing and presenting the financial reports. The principal accounting policies adopted in the preparation of these financial statements are set out below. These policies have been consistently applied to all years presented, unless otherwise stated.

To the best of our knowledge and belief, the budget performance report agrees with the books of accounts, which have been properly kept by the INCHR.

Management Discussion and Analysis on the budget performance report

During the Quarter, INCHR had total authorized appropriation/allotment of US$ 282,132.00 (Two hundred eighty two thousand One hundred thirty two United States dollars) which constitutes 4.3 percent of our core budget. The quarter report is on the basis of one twelfth (1/12) of the Commission’s annual appropriation.

Out of the total appropriation/allotment figure above, General Allowance account for US$ 158,926.00, special allowance US$ 117,000.00 while goods & services account for US$ 6,206.00. The chart illustrates that out of the total appropriation/allotment, general allowance account for 0.56%, and special allowance account for 0.42% while goods & services account for 0.2%.

Figure 1.1


Source: GOL Allotment for July-Sept 2016

Out of the quarterly authorized appropriation/allotment approved by the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, the Commission submitted to MFDP through vouchers the amount totaling US$ 263,226.24 (Two hundred sixty three thousand two hundred twenty six dollars and twenty four cents).

The pie chart below illustrates the percentage apportionment of the Commission’s submitted vouchers for the quarter (July-Sept 2016).

Figure 1.2


Source: GOL Special Service Voucher July-September 2016

INCHR Disbursement

The Commission’s disbursement for the quarter amounted to US$ 263,226.24. Of this amount, general allowance account for 0.54%, special allowance account for 0.44% while goods and services account for 0.2%.

Figure 1.3


Source: Expenditure Voucher for July-September 2016

Balance in Allotment

During the execution of the authorized one twelfth, the amount of US$ 18,905.76 allotment balance constitutes the difference of the amount of the budget allotted by the Ministry of Finance as of September 30th 2016.

As indicated on the pie chart hereunder, the balance of (US$ 16,697.60) representing 0.88% of personnel cost and the balance (2,208.16) represents 0.12% goods & services that have not been processed at the MFDP due to delay in the receipt of bank statement for the month of September 2016.Ref. Pie chart below.

Figure 1.4


Source: E V & Allotment from July-Sept 2016

The Commission been aware of its fiduciary responsibility constituted fiscal discipline by improving financial controls to ensure that the work of the Commission is an example for other institutions to follow and ensure that the people of Liberia have value for the money.

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